March 2014

The Inspiration of a Photograph ll   Window light is the greatest gift that nature gave to us photographers.  You can find it almost anywhere you’re assigned to work in one form or another.  Knowing how to use is something different altogether.  Looking at our photograph here, you could accuse us of staging this image with a hired model and a borrowed dress, and you’d be wrong.  We had the usual 5 or 10 min’s to create and capture what our client saw when they booked this venue.  Working with Julia was terrific; she understood our direction and really enjoyed the whole

The Inspiration of a Photograph   It was one of those soggy wet days when it always seems to down pour just when you need to make things happen for your client.  Steve and Purvi were looking to hire a Toronto wedding photographer who could be both creative when need be to produce stunning images and skillful to see and capture the candids that define a moment.  My name came up as a referral which is always great, so I needed to live up to the reputation that Exposé Studios has enjoyed for so long. This is not an easy task on

Nikon Equipment Makes a Difference   A good professional photographer will tell you that it’s not the camera that created a terrific image but the photographer who knows just how and when to use it.  In the film days we all referred to a camera as nothing more than a box.  If we gave praise to our equipment, then it was our arsenal of lenses that received the spotlight.  As important as our knowledge and use of creative lighting is (see my previous article on photographic light) our selection of  photographic lenses play a tremendous role in the outcome of an image. 

Wedding Couples—The Right Fit   You can tell almost immediately when you shake hands with a new couple if they’re going to be a good match for a studio to work with.  Just the manner in which they introduce themselves after they knock at your studio door, the enthusiasm in their voices, and the mutual interest they share in sitting down with you to discuss their plans, these are the little tells that let me know I’m in for a treat.   I prefer to give my couples a few moments to become aware of the work displayed in our gallery with only a

A Little Bit About Light—a Photographer’s Tool. I’ve seen trends in photography come and go over the last 20 years.  Similar to the whims of fashion where a designer’s impulse dictates what’s cool for the following season, photographic fads seem to capture the attention of both the public and professionals behind their respective cameras.  To the shagrin of many pros, the biggest impact of these photographic fads seems to be the inspiration they lend to new comers keen on joining the rest of us who make living with a lens or two. When I speak of fads and trends I refer to

A Photographer’s Perspective on Dance With 21 years of photography behind me I can definitely say that you come to appreciate the world differently.Whether you’re out and about on your downtime or taking in a movie, what you see and the way see it will most likely differ than the people around you who don’t live photography everyday.  Noticing how the warm light of a later sun illuminates a cityscape or how a director was able to capture your attention with only the use of light or lack there of, these little idiosyncrasies can sometimes best describe the thought processes of

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