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Amanda & Aaron August 5, 2016

Devansh, Baby Boy Photo Session February 9th 2017

Canadian Dance Unit Photo Session at the Distillery District

Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator

The short answer to the question, “should you hire a wedding coordinator?”, is most definitely yes. However, not all coordinators are equal and just as you have “weekend photographers” the wedding industry is loaded with inexperienced, self proclaimed coordinators.  Over the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to work with many wedding coordinators and we can honestly say that if you hire an experienced professional coordinator you will be glad that you did.

Weddings are expensive, we all know this, but for most couples it is a once in a lifetime event, so we urge all of you engaged couples not to cut corners just to save a few dollars.  Unfortunately, many couples still choose to trust part time photographers with their most precious memories and it usually ends badly.  A working professional has been successful in making a full time career out of their craft, thus proving their worth and ability to be a great photographer. Their entire livelihood  depends on their success so by nature they tend to be the best.  Well, a professional coordinator is no different, their career is successful only if they can demonstrate that they are best in what they do.  Full time professional coordinators understand the needs of the couples they work with and how their task is related to all the other professionals working with the same couple.

Unlike most amateur or part time wedding coordinators, professional planners/coordinators aren’t there to just enforce a timeline and snap their fingers, they ensure that everyone’s needs are addressed to their best of their ability.  Great coordinators understand that while our prime concern is the wedding couple, the rest of us have particular needs as well. A photographer’s assignment can be much easier to accomplish when they have a good coordinator working along side them with a common goal. This is true for all the professionals that a wedding couple will hire.  Everyone’s work will be enhanced with the right facilitator, so we encourage all wedding couples to consider retaining a professional coordinator.

GlideCam Review

Carrie opening intro May 10,2014-MPEG-4

Nikon D4s Review – First Impressions

Nikon D4s Review

Nikon D4s Review


We’ve been using the Nikon D4’s since they were first available and every member of our studio team has at least one D4 in their kit.  We’re extremely satisfied with the D4’s performance and not really sure what improvements could possibly be made.  Enter the D4s, we recently upgraded to Nikon’s new pro body and let me say simply that it feels great.  Although the physical size of the D4s and D4 are pretty much the same, the D4s just feels better in your hands.  The focus accuracy and speed is improved, while the ISO range is legendary. I was able to fine tune all my lenses in virtually no time at all and the procedure seemed pointless since half of the lenses were tack sharp with tuning set to zero, while the other half may be slightly sharper at the +/- 5 value, splitting hairs really.

The tonal range of the images the D4s produced were stunning, displaying all the gradations I like to see, from pure white to the richest blacks.  We really are excited to be working with the Nikon D4s and this excitement will ultimately be found in the images and video we create with this extraordinary visual instrument.  Thank You Nikon!

Nikon D4s Review

Nikon D4s Review

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Filter Forge 4.0 Photo Filter by Toronto Wedding Photographer


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just added Filter Forge 4.0 to our arsenal of creative editing tools.  While we still firmly believe that good photography outshines any and all tricks or gimmicks, we can’t deny that some editing tools can add something to an already great image.  Enter Filter Forge 4.0, an excellent creative tool to add just that kiss of creativity to your photographs. Explore the filters yourself at .


Toronto Wedding Photographer | Cinematography | Commercial Photography | Mississauga Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Crystal and Neil – Toronto Wedding Photographer –

We had the pleasure of participating in this couple’s two day event and it was great.  We’d like to congratulate Crystal and Neil and wish them all the luck in the world.

Visit our Photo Blog to see just a few images from their day.  – Toronto Wedding Photographer – hindu wedding toronto 10

Wedding Thank You Card Promotion

Exposé Studios is excited to announce its sponsorship of ShutterPrints, a Canadian owned and operated personalized card service. They specialize in Wedding Thank You Cards and Newborn Announcements, where customers can create their own cards online. With an extensive variety of designs, colours, and fonts we have found ShutterPrints to be an excellent choice for our customers.


Mention Exposé Studios by adding our name to the “add comment” field in the ShutterPrints checkout and receive 10% rebate off your order.  Click on the link to get started.


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