The mythology (and magic) of fantasy creatures can make an incredible...

The mythology (and magic) of fantasy creatures can make an incredible story phenomenal. The technology used in film is magical.

Now you can go to a movie theater, or turn on your television and see dragons breathing fire, men flying with wings on their backs, and magic. Real magic.

Or at least it feels that way while you are watching it. Books have been making magic real in the minds of readers forever, but seeing truly is believing sometimes.

Ive compiled a list this week of the fantasy creatures I believe should be much more popular than theycurrentlyare. As I list my 5 favorites, I would really like you to think about yours. Are there any childhood creatures you read about that you want to come to life in film? Is there a mythology you love that is special to your culture?

5 Fantasy Creatures That Deserve Popularity:

1. Faeries

No, I do not mean Tinker Bell! The Sidhe are Faeries of Gaelic Mythology, and they are also my favorite fantasy creatures. Think of them as Celctic elves. Modern adaptions of this amazing mythology are dark, beautiful and enticing. The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning is probably my favorite series of all time (other than A Song of Ice and Fire). I wish there we're more Fae on television and movies.

2. Unicorns

Im not embarrassed to admit it. I love unicorns. These ethereal, gorgeous, and innocent creatures embody the beauty and mystery of the fantasy genre.

3. Greek girls

And by this I mean the females of greek mythology: nymphs, naiads, and dryads. These half women, half nature beings are as beautiful as they are intriguing.

4. Witches

As I stated in my list The Top 10 Fantasy Creatures, I believe witches are (for the most part) a supernatural afterthought. They are usually in fantasy worlds, but rarely the focus. I don't know if it's the male oriented society we live in, or if a woman being that powerful is more horror than fantasy, but we need more witches.

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5. Djinn

Djinn, jinn, or genies are very fascinating creatures. The story potential of these spirit guardians are phenomenal, but for some reason they aren't super popular in Western society. This could be due to the fact that the mythology is Arabic instead of European.

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