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Everyone that is not a professional model gets a little nervous when they want to have photo's done. You may be getting wedding photos done, some portraits, maybe your an amateur model or just need photos for another special occasionit's ok to be nervous. It can feel strange having someone point a camera lens at you for extended periods of time, I get it, I see it all the time that is why I am here as your photographer to help you. I am going to discuss a quick 7 tips on preparing you for your photoshoot so that everything will go smooth and that you'll have a blast doing it.


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This is an important step. Just relax and trust me. I am going to make sure you look your best. If you don't look your best then I don't look my best either. When you are working with me for any kind of photos you need just know that we are a team. We are working together toward the same goal and that is making these the best possible pictures that we can make them. I always tell everyone I work with to just relax and be natural and I will help you get there.

#2 Clothing

Wear something that you're comfortable wearing. I don't mean you have to show up in sweats and sandals but wear something that makes you feel good to be in and don't try to fit an image that you are unsure of. If you want to try new things and new styles that's great! Just whatever you decide to wear, be comfortable with it, don't dread wearing something to get your photos taken.

#3 Clothing Colors

This is more of a tip but make sure to match your colors to the weather. It's something not a lot of people think about ( I know I don't on a regular basis). If it is a very sunny day outside try not to wear a bright shiny white shirt. You will be a beacon of light in the camera lens. On the flip side to that, if we are doing a shoot outdoors and it is dark try to wear something a little lighter and not wear all black.

#4 Ask Questions

I'm always open to answer any questions you have, even mid-shoot. If you want to know why I'm doing something just ask me and I'd be more than happy to explain my thinking and the technique behind what I am doing. Again, we are a team and I'll always be open and upfront with you about what I am seeing, what I want to accomplish and what we need to do more of or do differently. So please, if you have any lingering thoughts or questions don't hesitate to throw em at me.

#5 Share Your Ideas

As a photographer I consider myself a creative and open-minded person but there are just some things I haven't thought about doing. If we are doing a shoot and you have an idea for a pose or a location or anythign just let me know. If you want to do it I will always listen and apply what you have suggested because it is YOUR shoot. If you have seen some things maybe on Pinterest or other works that gave you an idea, by all means share them with me and we will add them into our shoot. This is something I encourage people to do the most. Putting our brains and visions together can result in great things.

#6 It's Ok To Be Shy

It really is. I actually expect people to be shy or not know what to do when we first start shooting. I always have a buffer zone that I call my "throw away photos". Basically the first 10 photos or so I am just taking to get you comfortable with being the center of attention and being posed and things of that nature. I am not too worried how these photos turn out as much as I am focusing on getting you in your comfort zone. During this time I'll be talking with you, adjusting my lighting and things of that nature while taking some shots just to ease us into the shoot. We may take 10-20 photos and I'll have us take a break and talk about other stuff having nothing to do with the shoot while sipping water or juice. Then when we get back into the shoot it's more of a familiar setting to you and it's magic what something so simple can do. I strive to make you comfortable because that is when all the genuine smiles, the confidence and the fun comes out. I'll even play your favorite music, I do what ever I can for you. We are a team.

# 7 Have Fun

Photoshoots can be so fun, once everything is opened up and flowing well I guarantee you will have a blast. The more fun you have during the shoot the better experience you will have and ultimately that'll lead to even better photos. My job is so much more than to just stand in front of you and press the shutter button on my camera. I want to make your photo experience with me memorable with great results and above all elseFun!

That was just 7 quick tips to follow on the day of your photos.

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