A passion that came out of nowhere

After my literal and figurative eye-opening experiences in Oregon and back home, where I realized my untapped love for finding and capturing and crafting images, I started to wonder about how passions can seem to appear out of nowhere. Just like that I was a photographer? One trip to a magical coastline and suddenly I morphed from the guy who always forgot to bring along his camera to a self-declared shutterbug?

I could ponder the psychology or the spiritual implications of such transformations indefinitely and never really nail down a definitive explanation. Instead I started to look through old photos I had taken and kept from earlier excursions . . . vacations . . . business trips . . . long or short getaways . . .

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In particular I began looking through the images I'd captured on a trip to New York City not all that long before the Oregon Aha. I was surprised and delighted to discover that, heyI'd been taking some pretty decent photos all along. The shots from New York (in my not so humble-sounding at the moment opinion) revealed an eye that was actually open and discerning before I even knew I was seeing. It was nearly as dramatic an epiphany for me as the initial initiation into picture taking had been. One of these images even sold as a fine art print!

I'd been to New York several times before, but how illuminating to recognize that when I had taken these photos I was really seeing this city and some of these very familiar sights in a way I never had before. Only when I saw the pictures did I really see what I'd been seeing . . .

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