A funny proposition from a 7 year old...

When my oldest daughter was seven, she asked me the funniest question that I ever heard. Two years later, much to her dismay, her father and I still get a laugh out of it. She asked me, Mom, when are you going to buy me an iPad?

After I good long laugh, first at her question and then at her expression, I told her to cheer up, and I explained the reason for my laughter. Look here, I said, while pulling up iPads on Amazon. This is how much an iPad costs. Now, why would I spend that much money, even if I had it, to buy an iPad for a seven-year old?

Because I need it.

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Fair enough. Why do you need it?

Connie explained that she needed it so that she could play games and read books. She was not at all thrilled when I pointed out that she had a PSP go to play games on and plenty of books to read anytime that she wanted, nor was she thrilled with the reminder of her needs vs. wants lessons from Girl Scouts. Of course, my relentless pride-and-joy countered that I had a Kindle Fire, but I don't even play games . After I showed her the massive Kindle book collection and explained that her daddy was tired of moving my book collection all over the country and considered my Kindle a way to reduce the rate of growth, I pointed out to her that I am an adult and she is a child. Of course, this never goes over well with children. I also explained to her that my Kindle cost significantly less than an iPad, and if she would like to earn the money to buy one of her own, I would be happy to give her some extra chores to do.

Connie scrubbed, she cleaned her little sisters room, and she even washed many dishes. All of this was on top of her regular chores. She saved up every penny that she earned, every tooth fairy dollar, and on Christmas day, she added the $40 dollars in Christmas money that she received from two different grandparents. Nearly a year later, the big day finally came. It was time to go shopping.

She looked through the tablets at BestBuy and finally selected a Kurio 7. She liked it better than the Kindle Fire because it had a camera, and it came with a lot of free apps. She has owned that tablet for nearly a year. She has proven that she understands the value of money, and that she can take care of a tablet. She even continues to earn money so that she can buy apps and Kindle books that she reads on the Kindle app we downloaded for her. I am extremely proud of her.

Her little sister asked to use my Kindle while waiting at my sons speech therapists office last night. I declined her request because she nearly broke it the last time that she used it. Sophia, the child in question, protested that it was not fair that her sister has a tablet and she doesn't. So of course, I explained everything above, and I told her that if she wanted a Kindle or a tablet she would have to do what her sister did, just like Joe is currently doing.

Two amazing things happened. The first is that Joe proudly explained, using nearly clear words, that he wanted a Kindle Fire. He told her that I a big boy. Big boys do chores, and in the best words he could muster, he told her that he was saving his allowance and his tooth fairy money inside of Ham (his Piggy Bank) until he could buy one. The second amazing thing happened right after another child looked at me and asked what type of Kindle I had. I told him it was a Kindle Fire. This young boy told me that he used to have one, but now he has an HD, and he really wants an HDX. My oldest gave him a perplexed look, and Joe said tha a lotta mo-ey (that is a lot of money). I told the little boy, nicely of course, that I would like to have the Kindle HDX as well, but my old Kindle still worked just fine, and I smiled and gave my Kindle a little pat.

I knew that Connie was learning the right lessons, but I was thrilled to find out that the message is getting through for Joe too.

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