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Students do not really realize how lucky they are to be able to meet these writers, said Lee. It is not as big as a deal for them as it is with the instructors. For students already familiar with the works, they are geeking out as hard as my colleagues and I are.


Lee said her students have enjoyed filling the gaps where their American culture departs from the Asian culture portrayed in The Joy Luck Club. The Chinese culture, and other Asian cultures, seem so different to some people strange and interesting at the same time.


For students like Farrar, this exposure is vital, he said.


The founder of the American International Activities Council was recently accepted to the University of Sydney in Australia and hopes to use what he has learned with the Read This! program in his overseas studies and possibly teaching English as a second language in Japan or Korea.


And although the book focuses on the relationship between mothers and daughters, Farrar said he believes each reader, whether female, male, American or immigrant can draw from a novel that is refreshing in it's uniqueness.


We all go through some rebellion, Farrar said. You can see how several of the mothers who really push their children. In this respect, I can easily identify with this book, more so maybe than with the traditional English literary canon.


Tan said she is looking forward to coming to UAFS, but she hesitates to claim The Joy Luck Club is a definitive text from which students should draw their inspiration.


I never set out to write something that would be instructional to people, she said. I just wrote what was emotionally important to me in terms of memory what I wish to revisit. What I want to share with people is the impetus of writing the first story and what happened in my life to cause this. I care very little about posterity, but that readers find something that resonates with them at a very deep level.


I think that is one of the reasons reading is so important. It develops your sense of passion, but that passion can be found in any book.


We all have our own identities, but how do we find these? she asked. Its a life long question I have that I can't help looking at.

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