Leaders Determine Their Future by the Choices They Make Today

Most people think they will adapt to change when it happens but the reality is change may not happen unless we prepare today. There are endless excuses why we cannot do something today. Its always ill get around to that tomorrow or that can wait or I'm not ready, but ill know when I am. All of these excuses are examples of laziness, especially when it comes to leadership.

For some reason we think that good things will happen to us if we wait. Yes, there are times to be patient but during those times we must prepare ourselves for what we are waiting for. There is a saying in the law enforcement community you will never rise to the occasion, you will fall to the level of your training. How many times have you watched scary movies and said things like Dont do that, it's stupid or I would be smarter. Or how about the football game when a player makes a mistake. Its easy to Monday morning quarterback and say how you would have done it but do you really believe you could do better than the professional athlete who has train their entire lives. Have you ever had to make a split second decision when a 350 pound lineman is barreling down on you.

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The truth is you do not know how you will react in a given situation until you are in that situation. If you have never been in a leadership situation where others are counting on you to make the correct decision which will effect them and possibly the organization, then you cannot say ill just know what to do when I'm faced with a difficult decision. You must begin to develop your leadership skills now so in the future you will be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and character which will allow you to make informed decisions based on you level of training, not your arrogant perception of your leadership abilities.

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