Dance Photography

Who We Are:

Exposé Studios has been actively involved in the world of dance for over 20 years. Our first opportunity came in the early 1990’s when we were fortunate to become the official photographers for Dance Fest, a competition organized by Dancer’s Inc. and held in Oakville.

Our work in the field of dance began to expand in the mid to late 90’s as many competitive dancers in the greater Toronto area sought us out for professional pageant photography. We quickly became known for our custom black and white dance images offering competition level dancers with images to showcase their talents and creativity.

What We Offer:

From headshots to full action body shots we looked at dance as an opportunity to share our creative talents as photographers. When you work with individuals who are dedicated to the art of dance there seems to be a certain chemistry, a creativity fostered by the desire to perform and achieve. Just as the dancer strives to captivate you with there performance, we as photographers strive to outperform ourselves and captivate you with our images.

After 20 plus years of photographing dance we still strive to captivate our clients with our images. Exposé studios has expanded to offer photography and cinema for dancers, dance recitals, and dance competitions across ontario. We offer video demo reels, headshots, body shots, creative outdoor dance photography and video, competition work, and multi camera recital coverage for any dance event.






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