At Exposé Studios we understand that each and every wedding couple will have their own preferences when deciding upon photography and cinema.  This is why we are fully committed to tailoring our packages to suit each couple.  Our drop down photography and cinema pricing only lists our hourly rates, so that we may design a custom package for our clients during a free studio consultation.

We also pride ourselves on not pressuring our clients into commitments that they may not be sure about.  Since we archive our photographs on redundant backup servers, our clients can take their time in choosing their photographs and placing their orders when their budgets allow.

Simply choose an hourly coverage that is right for you and let Exposé Studios handle the rest.  For those couples who prefer to commit to a complete photography package, with story albums and portraits, we are happy to assist you in designing the ultimate package for you.  During your studio consultation all of our gallery albums and portrait styles are on display to help our clients communicate their preferences.

-Toronto wedding photographer-

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