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This past January I was booked on an assignment that ran into the late hours of night.  After shooting images all day and night I was ready to just sink into my couch and sip on a glass of well deserved scotch.  I drove by countless subdivisions of homes covered in ice, not really giving much attention to the spectacle that nature had created.  Just then, as I pulled into my own driveway, I paused for a moment  and looking through my window I was captivated by the frozen scene I had chose to ignore on the long drive home.

That’s what photography does, it awakens you, gives rise to your senses, and inspires you when you least expect it.  I observed how the strings of Christmas lights lit up the ice covered trees, with the street lights adding an overhead glow.

Even better yet there wasn’t a sole around, which spurs your creativity on even more now that you don’t have to share this great atmosphere with anyone else until your ready to.  I pulled out a camera, slapped on the lens I thought would bring to life what my own eyes could see, and made a few photographs.

I don’t often make time for this sort of leisure photography, mostly because I put all my effort into every paid assignment and by the time I’m free I just feel spent.  Professional photography is much more demanding than most people realize.  Physically and mentally you have to push yourself on every new assignment, trying to equal or better your work under new and challenging circumstances.  Occasionally though, on a night such as this was, you can’t walk away from an inspiration that really deserved to be photographed.





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