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toronto wedding photographerWedding Couples—The Right Fit


You can tell almost immediately when you shake hands with a new couple if they’re going to be a good match for a studio to work with.  Just the manner in which they introduce themselves after they knock at your studio door, the enthusiasm in their voices, and the mutual interest they share in sitting down with you to discuss their plans, these are the little tells that let me know I’m in for a treat.


I prefer to give my couples a few moments to become aware of the work displayed in our gallery with only a little background music to mask the silence.  As album pages are flipped I pay discreet attention to the reactions that may surface.  Little grins of approval or a tap on the knee to let her fiancé know the images are intriguing, are a good sign that this bride and groom are enjoying the planning process and will be a pleasure to work with.


The discussion that follows may start with how they met, which is typically the most enjoyable for me, or what they’re looking for in a photographer.  Rather than entering the classic cliché of trying to persuade any couple that I’m more passionate about my work than the next photographer, I simply mention that I’ve been a fulltime Toronto wedding photographer for more than 20 years and the fact that I’ve made a successful career out or the art is testimony enough to my skill and desire, while the works just speaks for its self.    I do make every attempt to redirect our conversation back to the couple, I prefer to learn more about him and her and what kind of atmosphere they generate as pair.toronto wedding photographer


So the details are laid out, a contract is signed, and before you know it the actual wedding day has arrived.  By this time I’ve shared enough time with today’s bride and groom that I feel I’m more than just a pro assigned to cover their day.  I feel I know these two people and the comfort we have in conversation will translate when I add my lens into the mix into some great images.  My goal as pro photographer is to always capture, document, and create photographs that inspire the viewer.  When the moment at hand is natural and full of life, we document the movements and expressions that made that moment special.  When moments are uneventful, we seek to create striking images with our lenses and control of light.  The greatest gift to this process is having the right couple to work with.  A bride and groom that genuinely knows who they are and what they’re about make it easy for me to accomplish my art.  The atmosphere that we all create and take part in, is what I call the “right fit”.



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