A beautiful fall wedding set in Toronto Lakeshore, that's how we remember Kevin and Miranda's special day. Sunnyside Pavilion and the Boulevard Club provided fantastic backdrops for a wonderful day and some truly exquisite images. Kevin and Miranda are very classy couple with laid back personalities. It was our pleasure and privilege to be part of their celebration.

On October 5th, 2019 the Exposé team off to Caledon Ontario to spend the day with Jesse and Dave at Cambium Farms. This assignment was special for us as we've known Jesse and her family for many many years. It's always special to do what you love for a living but even more special when you have a personal connection with the bride and groom. The day was very cold but the atmosphere was warm and genuine which made for a memorable celebration. The love and affection between Jesse and Dave was shared by all their families and close friends

A winter wedding tale starring Julia and Sergei with the Mclean House as our backdrop. Our coverage started downtown with the Trump Hotel where our groom was getting ready in style. Bow ties, tailored suits, and smiles to start the day followed up by Sergei's beautiful bride to be at their downtown condo. More style and elegance with a european flare would best describe our bride and her party. With what seemed like only moments to shoot we were out the door with some amazing images in hand and off to Mclean House for the balance of this celebration. We

We love to photograph Dance. Whether it's a live performance, studio session, or an outdoor creative, the art of dance just elevates our desires to make images. The ability to capture what talented dancers can do is an art in itself and we love it. A big thanks to Joanne Chapman School of Dance, Canadian Dance Unit, and the Dance Corps for producing amazing talent year after year.

A multicultural celebration at the Toronto Brickworks with Lareina and Rohit. If I was asked to make a list of my favourite couples I can honestly say that Lareina and Rohit would make the top of my list. These two people make a wonderful couple and are among the finest individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. They have referred us over and over again which has been great since we've been able to see them on several occasions as guests having fun. Thank you ever so much Lareina and Rohit.

The short answer to the question, "should you hire a wedding coordinator?", is most definitely yes. However, not all coordinators are equal and just as you have "weekend photographers" the wedding industry is loaded with inexperienced, self proclaimed coordinators.  Over the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to work with many wedding coordinators and we can honestly say that if you hire an experienced professional coordinator you will be glad that you did. Weddings are expensive, we all know this, but for most couples it is a once in a lifetime event, so we urge all of you engaged

[caption id="attachment_7147" align="aligncenter" width="655"] Nikon D4s Review[/caption] [jamiesocial] We've been using the Nikon D4's since they were first available and every member of our studio team has at least one D4 in their kit.  We're extremely satisfied with the D4's performance and not really sure what improvements could possibly be made.  Enter the D4s, we recently upgraded to Nikon's new pro body and let me say simply that it feels great.  Although the physical size of the D4s and D4 are pretty much the same, the D4s just feels better in your hands.  The focus accuracy and speed is improved, while the

The Inspiration of a Photograph ll   Window light is the greatest gift that nature gave to us photographers.  You can find it almost anywhere you’re assigned to work in one form or another.  Knowing how to use is something different altogether.  Looking at our photograph here, you could accuse us of staging this image with a hired model and a borrowed dress, and you’d be wrong.  We had the usual 5 or 10 min’s to create and capture what our client saw when they booked this venue.  Working with Julia was terrific; she understood our direction and really enjoyed the whole

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