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Window light is the greatest gift that nature gave to us photographers.  You can find it almost anywhere you’re assigned to work in one form or another.  Knowing how to use is something different altogether.  Looking at our photograph here, you could accuse us of staging this image with a hired model and a borrowed dress, and you’d be wrong.  We had the usual 5 or 10 min’s to create and capture what our client saw when they booked this venue.  Working with Julia was terrific; she understood our direction and really enjoyed the whole process.  Our understanding of window light and our ability to get the best from our clients really comes through in this photograph.

I look at this image and see a bride whose subtle gestures and relaxed posture tell me she’s enjoying her day.  Julia knew what she wanted to experience on her wedding day and she was confident that we would capture those experiences naturally. She sits in a window sill prior to saying her vows, taking in the moment and reflecting upon the new life she’s about to begin.  This is the inspiration of this photograph.

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